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Join our Power BI course and supercharge your data analysis skills! Learn how to create stunning visualizations, transform raw data into actionable insights, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

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At Inymart, our Power BI training in Trichy is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft's Analysing and Visualizing Data with Power BI.
Taught by industry experts, our Power BI training in Trichy covers various topics such as data analytics, Power BI modelling, visualization, and DAX functions. Participants will gain hands-on experience and practical knowledge that will enhance their skills in data analysis using Power BI.
Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certification that will validate your expertise in Power BI and open doors to exciting job opportunities. Don't miss this chance to master Power BI and boost your career prospects. Enroll with Inymart today!

Where there’s data; there’s a story

Using Microsoft's Power BI, users can extract structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and prepare it for visualizations that tell a rich story.

India's No 1 Best Power BI Certification Training and Placement Program

About Our Expert Instructors

Manoj Jeevagan is a highly skilled Digital Marketer and Power BI expert with over 10 years of experience in the fields of Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics. The training courses available on this platform have been developed by Manoj Jeevagan, a Microsoft MVP specializing in Microsoft Self Service BI Products.

Manoj Jeevagan is not only a mentor for aspiring analysts but also possesses extensive experience in assisting organizations in developing and implementing comprehensive BI solutions. His expertise includes designing energy-efficient systems, creating data models, star schema design, cube creation, writing MDX calculations, and designing dimensional hierarchies.

Flexible Timings / Weekend classes Available.

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services & experience

Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning: Dive into the world of data analytics with hands-on, interactive lessons that make learning Power BI fun and engaging.

Real-World Projects

Real-World Projects: Apply your knowledge to real projects, gaining practical experience and building a professional portfolio.

Lifetime Access

Enjoy unrestricted access to course materials, ensuring you can revisit and reinforce your learning whenever you need.


Perfect for beginners, our course starts with the basics and gradually advances to more complex topics.

Community Support

Join a vibrant online community of fellow learners, instructors, and experts for networking and support.

Data Modelling

Master data modelling and calculations to make informed, data-driven decisions.


No need for expensive software – we guide you on using the free Power BI Desktop.

Career Advancement

Boost your career prospects by acquiring in-demand data analysis skills that many employers are seeking.

Ongoing Updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest Power BI features and techniques through our course updates.

Responsive Support

Get help whenever you need it from our responsive support team and a dedicated discussion forum.

Custom Dashboards

Create custom dashboards and reports that reflect your unique data analysis needs and style.

Job Opportunities

Open the door to various career paths, including data analyst, business intelligence developer, and more.

Data Integration

Learn to seamlessly integrate data from various sources to gain holistic insights.

Data Security

Understand how to keep your data secure and comply with privacy regulations.

Effective Data Communication

Develop the skills to convey complex data findings in a simple, understandable way.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Transform data into actionable insights that drive your business forward.


Recruiters are looking for you! All you need is Learn A-Z of Power BI with Inymart, Become Power BI Certified Professional and Get JOB

What is Power BI, and why should I learn it?

Power BI is a powerful business analytics tool by Microsoft, designed to help you visualize and share insights from your data. Learning Power BI can give you a competitive edge in data analysis, reporting, and decision-making. It's widely used in various industries, making it a valuable skill to have.

Who is this Power BI course for?

Our Power BI course is designed for individuals from various backgrounds, including business professionals, data analysts, and anyone interested in data visualization and analysis. No prior technical experience is required; we start from the basics and gradually build your skills.

What are the roles and responsibilities of Power Bi Professionals?

Listed are the roles and responsibilities of a power Bi developer

Clearly understand the business requirements and develop data models accordingly

Accountable for design methodology and project documentation

Developing visual reports, dashboards and KPI scorecards using Power BI desktop.

Highly proficient in analytical thinking for translating data into informative visuals and reports.

Excellent in making DAX queries in Power BI desktop

Adept in developing, publishing and scheduling Power BI reports as per the business requirements.

Yes, our Power BI course is beginner-friendly. We offer a structured curriculum that starts with the fundamentals and progresses to advanced topics. You'll gain the skills and confidence needed to excel in data analysis, even if you're starting from scratch.
In this course, you'll learn to:

Import and transform data from various sources

Create interactive and insightful data visualizations

Build and customize dashboards and reports

Perform data modeling and calculations

Publish and share your reports with colleagues or clients

The course duration varies based on your pace, but it typically takes around 4-6 weeks to complete. You can access the course material at your own convenience, and we provide lifetime access for continued learning.
You can download and use Power BI Desktop for free, which is the software used throughout the course. We also guide you on installation and setup during the course.
Yes, we provide a certificate of completion once you finish the course. This certificate can be a valuable addition to your resume and showcases your proficiency in Power BI.
We offer various support options, including a dedicated discussion forum where you can ask questions and interact with instructors and fellow students. Additionally, you can reach out to our support team for technical assistance or guidance.
The course fee can vary, and we offer flexible pricing options, including one-time payments and installment plans. Please contact our admin team for the most up-to-date information.
Yes ofcourse. We provide online training programs as well .Timing is completely chosen basis the availability of the aspirant. Hence highly flexible and comfortable.
Data Visualization Jobs using Power Bi are in high demand across the top notch MNCs globally. It is the right time to choose this career and excel in this field.