Google Ranking Updates And Fluctuations

The ‘core’!! Again we are here to know our major algorithm change by our Google. This happened early may 2020. The google search ranking chart showed a major shack during mid of this year and had affected many websites. The update in the algorithm is huge, that it is named ‘core’. Check your website’s analytics to see if it has impacted you.

Many industries like travel, health, involving people and society were caught in this huge wave.

There are some tips that can help you survive in this algorithm change. Update your website content regularly. Many of you would say you are posting new articles regularly to keep your content fresh; but it is about the pages that you have published previously. Are you updating the old ones? Do this. In the eyes of google your old pages need to be updated too. All sustaining ones keeps all their pages more relevant.

Only those websites that updated its content, including the old posts got 10% more traffic compared to others. It is not about new content, it is about updating your old content.

And can't stress the importance of SEO . Drive for SEO issues regularly and fix it. Even don't ignore the minute ones. Duplicate meta tags are usually uncared by many but do you know it will badly hurt your website these days.

No one can really spot what exactly google bots are looking for and what is their algorithm but one thing for sure- google wants to create the best search experience for the user. So it is not always to crack the algorithm but you should strive to create a great experience for your users.

Fluctuations in your ranking could be confusing at times. Beyond this rollover of the new google algorithm you should look for a few more elements. When your page ranking for a particular keyword dropped badly, here are factors you should take care. First check your penalty indicator. Go to google analytics and ensure it. Or another reason could be that your competitors have overtaken you. They have built a stronger link than yours or they have a strong onpage optimization nor a better content.

Factor to look for during fluctuations:

Website penalty indicator

Your competitor

  • Link profile stronger than yours
  • Onpage optimization better than yours
  • Better content than you.

Always content is the king! So spend extra care on it regularly. And also look how these content is exhibited in a natural way. Now google crawlers are so intelligent to differentiate between natural ways and unnatural ways of presenting the content. There are three things your need keep in mind while you create a content for your website:

  • Contextual relevance
  • Keywords
  • Actual contents(no fancy fillers, real information matters.)
Seo makers that always works:
  • Website speed
  • Meta data
  • canonical tags and XML sitemaps.and mobile-specific xml sitemaps.
  • Ux and UI- most important factor , as it is the face that interacts with customers.

So, has your website traffic had fluctuations recently? Share it with us. What factors affected your ranking? We will help you to grow your traffic.