Online Certificate Course During The Lockdown

Hey all, looking for a new course?! 2020 has been a long year , yet has given and is giving a lot of time for you to upskill. Be a fresher or standing somewhere in your career ladder, learning new mastery will change your life forever. I have given you a list of courses that are popular and highly useful for you in 2020.

Language course:

Communication is key to your progress in a company. Not only upgrading your communication in english helps , but also learning a new language will give you a great hold in your career compared to others. Though in the era of Google translator, there are many jobs that are opened globally require proficiency in a new foreign language.

However you might think,Is it possible to master a language? The answer is yes. There are many institutions that will make your intermediate level speaker in 3 months time. There are different levels in languages that will expand their proficiency in speaking , writing , reading in a language. Languages can be learnt for a passion, or on a purpose while you travel to that country or region but they will also help you in your career. Can you believe it ? Always training related to communication and soft skills will pay off if you are in your crucial part of your career or a fresher. The languages that are demanded globally that you can learn are German, French, Spanish, Japanese,Chinese and ofcourse Hindi is also in the globally required languages. Start learning a new language today.

Digital marketing course:

If you are one such person who wants something more than learning a language but not too technical, then opt for Digital marketing course. This can even turn into a new profession or it can help you have an upper hand in your work. This is an on-demand field with so many openings in the near future. This is a very great option when you are looking for home based jobs. You can get clients all across the globe.

You have an idea to showcase your passion in social media and want to take a path of entrepreneurship, You definitely want to make use of this course. This course will show you what all you can do with your social media in your hand. Take a look at the course. I am sure you will learn a lot. More over for freshers this gives a new start that will make you a job in the most demand field - digital marketing. This is the best option for work from home jobs. Explore our digital marketing course.

Content writing course:

If you are having love towards writing , definitely consider this course. This can make you money from home. This course will help you write journals, articles, emails , advertisements etc. this is also a well demanding field , you can even make extra cash after some of the useful courses. What you will learn in the course is types of writing styles, SEO writing , creating an effective title , copywriting(they are heavily paid )and also creative writing.

Video editing course:

Youtube!! All love youtube. smartphones had made everyone access to cameras and video making. Common people want to create a channel and want to make some extra cash. Just 4000hours and 1000 subscribers can earn you money. This will tempt every one. Hence this course is going to be very useful to learn the nuances of the video editing software and become a near professional. There are many courses that will help you when you're new to editing or also for those who have some experience editing.

Data science course:

This is very interesting if you are interested in data. This might look like a vast field to tame. But when you break them into parts you will know where to start and what specialization you have to take. The two basic parts are the data analysis and machine learning part. There are many online courses available but choose wisely. Dependly on your prior knowledge on coding and data analysis choose the ones that give a practical learning experience.

Programming course:

Learning a programming language is always an enthusiastic one, maybe working would not be. Other than adding the one to your resume, this helps you to build your logical skills than keeps you brain afresh. This can also help you to learn data science in your future. Make sure this will also help you climb up in your career.

Graphic designing course:

When you are a creative person and love to express through posters and designs, you can learn this. After the course, you can start as a freelancer designing logos and posters for others. Picking this one can give you a long term independence in working. I have planned to refresh my course on graphics designing.

Learning is a gift, which takes your life to the next level. Happy learning.